Tuesday, July 01, 2014

First Glimpse of Calgary

I've been after my hubby to go with me to Calgary and see the Canadian Rockies that Banff is so famous for.

It was just hard to do a vacation that long with small kids and when my cousins and brother finally planned to come here all together. I decided to take that leap and go with them for a 3 days 2 night trip to Banff. (I agree, It is SHORT but I will take whatever I can just to get a bit of time to myself).

...and since we were restricted with time, we opted for going there by plane rather than driving all the way from Vancouver to Calgary and to Banff. It will just be too tiring and we wanted to maximize whatever time we can spare to enjoying the place.

I was really excited how we are going to be as a group as this was our first time to travel with each other... It was an hour and a half of flight and with an early flight, we had the whole day to enjoy Banff and explore the area...

* Our first view

* Almost there

* Goofing Around

* We almost lost one of us....Nah!

* * * * *
Calgary, AB

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

La Casa Gelato: 218 Gelatos to choose from...

If you are a bit undecided on what flavour you'd like when you go get a gelato, La Casa Gelato may make your head spin with all the flavours that is available inside their shop.

You can sample these flavours to your heart's content before picking up the one you'd love but it is a must to purchase a token to get the sample. A great selling point and quite an experience for the customer as well. For the more adventurous ones, wasabi ice cream or maybe the aged balsamic vinegar might be your thing but I would rather sample them than eat them for my own treat. 

My cousin who came to visit all the ay from Manila did enjoy the experience of trying out different flavours but ended with a regular flavour.

* Auntie Ei(from Manila, Philippines)

* Kimi, Kenzo and Uncle Eric (from Netherlands)

* Mel and Eileen

* My chickadees

* Cousins United

* * * * *
Vancouver, B.C.

2014 Summer Reading: Funny Business

It is finally summer once again and what it means is that Summer Reading has started throughout the libraries in B.C.

We got Kimi and Kenzo a Summer Reading package to track their reading progress. 50 readings for the next few months before the deadline will earn you a medal that signifies you did your summer reading.

* Summer Reading Tracker

* Must <3 Books

* * * * *
Burnaby, B.C.

Monday, June 23, 2014

ICARE: Vision of a child drawing contest

Hubby's office held a drawing contest for the kids and grandkids of the employee and Kimi joined for the 5-8 year old category

Topic was on "How Essilor (Company) helps the world sees better"...

* Kimi's drawing

I am so proud to say that Kimi bagged the 1st place on her age category... Way to go, Kimi!

Prize was cineplex gift card and a certificate to remember the contest by.

* One Proud Mama and Papa...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Daniel's 7th Star Wars Party

I am so blessed to have a found great friends with the mom's of Kimi's classmate. Kimi calls her the BIG Kimmee, and from then on, Kimi felt a special connection to her (and so did I).

Daniel is Kimmee's one and only child and he and Kimi does play on some occasions. Daniel wanted a Star Wars Party to marked his 7th birthday, and a Star Wars party is what Mommy Kimmee and Daddy Shu Hei made for him.

* Star Wars Invites
CLICK HERE for personalized invites

Daniel is lucky that she go a talented pastry chef for a mom and it was a labor of love for Mommy Kimmee to whip up this special Star Wars Themed cake specially for Daniel to enjoy.

* Kimmee's Kitchen Cakes
CLICK HERE for personalized cakes

Cupcakes were made for kids to decorate to their heart's content

* Ready made Star War Figurine Cupcake Topper

...mix with personalized cupcake topper with Birthday Boy's name

CLICK HERE for custom order

Fun-filled activities await the kids. It was like having an after school away from school with almost  all the kids from grade 1 attending the party.

* Badminton Match

* Strike a Badminton Pose 

Some opted to do rock climbing on the side...

* It scares me to see the kids going up this big rock which was quite high

* Pretty Olivia doing her thing

*Annika on her back for a breather

* Soccer Goalee Filipe

* A soccer match

* Multi tasking coach

* Kenzo's choice of play

* Nancy with her cupcake creation

* My Precious Girl :*

* Isabelle

* Amaya and her creation

* Cupcake Decorating Station

*Kenzo hard at work

* Family Picture

* Daniel doing a bit of antics after the blowing of candles

* * * * *

Nikkei Center
Burnaby B.C.

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