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Saturday, December 13, 2003


Today,I have a baptismal to attend to...My cuz's son. Yikes! Everyone is getting a family na...A lot of my batchmates are already in the family way or have already bore one child. I think i am getting a wee bit old..or are they just getting into the family thing a wee bit early!?

Anyways, Once the Christmas season is over, the birthday (ahem!) seem to come real soon. I am about to reach mid-20's. The day(!?) to night-out with my high school friends came out ok although the traffic sorta ruined our schedule... Had a panic-buying mode of shopping yesterday to find a perfect present for a friend's significant other. Well, we did find something and hopefully my friend is happy with the purchase, especially the person she's giving it to. Went to Cia's for a late dinner and some getting it out-of-the-system bonding... Forgot to take a picture for posting. I'll try next time we meet...Tenta on the 27th.

Have to cut this short...Need to get ready for the church thing... (baptismal) and the dinner after the ceremony.

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