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Friday, December 05, 2003

Farewell to JJ!

Hannah's thailander friend, JJ, has already left for bkk (Bangkok). I wasn't able to send her to the airport with Hannah but at least I get to spend the last day of her stay here at the Philippines at Hahn's place to bid her for the last time for this particular visit.

Last night, we had a food marathon in an effort to have JJ sample more of the Filipino foods that we have to offer... For dinner, We had chinese food with Hannah's family, I was quite full already but since it's her last stay in Manila, we went to World trade center-Christmas Bazaar to take a stroll before going to the next resto. Since we were already in Roxas, Hannah has chosen Aristocrat to continue JJ's Filipino food tasting... and the Filipino food for that day was the halo-halo, puto bumbong, and the bibingka.

JJ's verdict!? She can't tell for sure if she loves the taste because she is so full that I think she lost her sense of tasting...hehe! Anyway, it was fun while it lasted! We were so tired when we got home that we fell asleep once our heads hit the pillow. (We made sure we didn't hit the pillow before we did the packing first...) ZZZZZzzzzz... Til Then!

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