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Sunday, January 11, 2004


Spent my saturady night at home instead of the planned night out with my college friends... Sorry jill! (wah!) Anyway, I am sure that there would still be next time (hopefully not that far though!)...

Just got news that a batch mate of mine just got married (a guy this time...) and he got his ex-girlfriend as one of the entourage (at least it was an amicable parting and they remain friends...). It seems that January is a marrying month as well as December of last year. I guess marriage is indeed in the air...or is it just that we have reach the point of the 'marrying age'? Another phase to tread into...a more mature and responsible one at that.

...and since there's seems to be no guy worth dragging into the altar within my sight. I guess I just have to stack up on wedding/ bridal shower gifts for the friends that seem to be marrying one after the other (hehe!).

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