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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Extra days in Manila

Went to the airport last January 05,2004 to see my grandparents off to U.S. and since they had a big group, their companions (who were in charge of safekeeping their important documents such as the passport) lost their passports (i still can't figure out how they lost such thing as passports!?) and my grandparents had to stay extra days while their companions look for the passports. Turns out that their passport was in one of the suitcase brought back to U.S. and they have to send it through dhl which means that we have to wait a few more days and they get to stay here for a few more days as well...

Had an emergency this morning... My grandpa was not feeling well and we had to rush him to the hospital. Good thing it was just a slight case and it was in connection to a medicine he took that morning... (phew!) I was scared a moment then... Thats it for now!

We have a reunion on Saturday...heheh! I can't wait... Long time since we've seen those people.

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