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Sunday, February 29, 2004


Finally the day we were all preparing for! The Showtime! heheh! Really nerve wracking ah...ibang klase...di makakain, di mapalagay....parang INLOVE?! hahah! joke* Grabe...kabado talaga! and napa PAMELA1 (never even heard of this beofre last night) kami ng la sa oras. 1 day practice lang kasi siningit lang siya... Good thing the steps were just repetitions lang naman all throughout kaya only a few steps to squeeze into our memories. Quite an experience really...but fun if I say so myself =)

Pbase already full...can't put any photos anymore....

* Some Pics from our dress rehearsal

Feeling studio!?

with the backup dancers (MTB dancers...)

Final pose for the Pamela dance...

...and the day of our show

Before the dance

posing after the show

...hope I can put in a link to the photos soon... =) till my next posting

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Playboy...2nd chance, anyone!?

Watched the movie "Somethings gotta give" with my mama dearest... last night. The story got to me...soooo TRUE! heheh! Had a good laugh with this movie. A mood lifter...Naks! feeling critic daw ako haha! About a playboy thats kinda in his 60s already who doesn't date women below 30s...a full fledged playboy but syempre since this is a movie, happy ending and there is a change in his ways from being a play boy to good boy... which rarely happens in real life, diba?

House Hunting

Watched Duplex tonight with my good friend, Ana. So so lang yun g movie. Much better ang Somethings gotta give... at least, in my opinion.

My bestest, Ciarits, finally arrive from Shanghai (yey!), may shock absorber nanaman ako haha! joke* It's been a lil' incomplete without yah...naks! See yah soon!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

DaNcE...MovE YouR BodY

Had our regular practice...Longer now since thne dance is already this weekend! heheh! Kabahan daw ba!? My mom kept on telling me to join the dance to overcome my stage fright (!?) hay! Can't believe that I am about to perform (again!) in front of a lot of, la akong tataguan kasi I am INFRONT =( (heart beats faster and faster...chug chug...ay train pala yun hahah!)

Some pix taken before the practice...kate kasi mga dance instructors...

Saturday...we will have our dress rehearsal complete with makeup... hahaha! Excited na ako what hair i'll be having for the dance...New image ba!? I'll get pix on the dress rehearsal and of course, sa mismong performance =) Will post them soon....

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


My bestest, Ciarita, just left manila this a.m for shanghai,China (aaaw!). I hope it was just simply to have a well-deserved vacation but it was to accompany her uncle for a checkup.

We, in Manila. Ana and I went tile hunting for the Canyon Woods project...Walk-a-thon talaga because we were dropped of at Wilcon,Q.ave and walked all the way (Q.Ave pa din naman...) to Eurotile, Floor Center and Decimal. At least, we were able to finalized the tiles and have a 'BIG' merienda at Mini Stop banawe...See how far we've walked! Q.Ave, D.Tuazon to Q.Ave, Banawe hehehe! Cardio daw ba outside with smokes from jeeps and other transpo as an added bonus?!

Meanwhile, my Good Friend Hannah already arrived from her trip in Singapore and Thailand only to have her leave again for Indonesia and Malaysia (lucky gal!) heheh! Haven't seen her since she left from her first trip and she is packing once again. I guess this is just her packing station,huh?! Miss Yah Hannah! (as if you are taking time to check this site =P, peace!)

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Weekend Site Visit

Went to Tagaytay Canyon Woods for another regular site visit. Took lot of pictures once again... =) Finished late but all in all, we had a great time and had lots of food intake before we headed home. Had merienda at Breakfast @ Antonio's once again (yum yum...!) So full talaga but when we got back to Manila, had dinner with my bestest's family at Panda Chine, T.morato. I'm still full up to now and have used my time to upload the latest pic.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Valentines day

Spent my birthday with two single friends in Glorietta and Greenbelt. Had dinner at Cibo, Glorietta and had a late night cap at Cafe breton, Greenbelt. Saw my high school friends Iris and Cathy with their respective dates.... =) hay!

On the 15th naman, went to UP Diliman for a picture taking with my uncle who came all the way from U.S., he studied in U.P. then. Afterwards, we went to Forest hills, Antipolo then had lunch at Robinsons Cainta. Went to Podium to meet up with college friends and watched 'Chasing Liberty' and had a really early dinner at Thai in a Box.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Bday week

Played badminton with high school friends last night. Had a lot of fun as usual. Wasn't able to have a late-night chika after though...

Went to Tempura,T.morato for my birthday dinner with High school friends... Cherille was not present kaya di kami complete =(. Those present were of course my bestest, Ciarita =) and her boyfriend, Charlie, Iris, Cathy and of course moa.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Birthday Night Out 1st batch...

Had a nights out together with my friends from former work (Dexterton Corp.) at Alfredos, T.morato, had red wine to toast the occasion and cake pa hehe! Had a lot of fun although my friend Elayne doesn't have a voice to even join in the conversation (sign language na lang...) and Heidz and yours truly had a lot more wine than what we can take (argh!), jem of course, can take the wine...gimikera yan eh! heheh! Thanks mareng jem for driving us that night. Till then! Love yah!
Sweet Tooth

Had merienda with my mom (camera-shy) and brothers last Sunday at Cinnabon, greenhills. Bought myself a new jacket and a top, hehe! (Solve na ako for now...)

Dance Practice...

Had our regular dance practice last night... Some pictures taken afterwards.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Love Month

Less than a week to go and it is the Love day... and my birthday.

Sheesh! there would be an outpouring of flowers and chocolates once again (sadly, not for me...) hehe! Anyways, hope to see my friends next week for a get together. FCs, Jillian! Reserve your 12th or 13th alis tayo...sleepover after. Don't worry may parking dito in case u wanna bring a car ;). Hahn, wish you were here with us! I'm sure you won't be able to read because you don't check this site =(... Tenta palang but I'll get back to you guys for more details! Muah!

Thursday, February 05, 2004


Went out with high school friends for a badminton game and at the same time to catch up with each other.... Was really fun. Hope we could arrange something like that again. =)

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Saturday (January 31st), we went to Redbox, Greenbelt. There were 7 of us. Kaka, Cia, Ana, Hahn, Jen, me and Hansel. The ambience was really good but we just got the smaller room because of our number. The larger room even has a billiard table inside... sayang!

*Click for Redbox, greenbelt pix...

A Friend's wedding...

An old friend of mine from high school gpt married yesterday. It was held at Fernwood Garden. The space rented was the smaller one but we were able to go around and take a look at the whole space...Lot of scenes that looks really good. I was able to take LOTS of pictures...hehe!

* Click for Fernwood pix...


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