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Tuesday, February 24, 2004


My bestest, Ciarita, just left manila this a.m for shanghai,China (aaaw!). I hope it was just simply to have a well-deserved vacation but it was to accompany her uncle for a checkup.

We, in Manila. Ana and I went tile hunting for the Canyon Woods project...Walk-a-thon talaga because we were dropped of at Wilcon,Q.ave and walked all the way (Q.Ave pa din naman...) to Eurotile, Floor Center and Decimal. At least, we were able to finalized the tiles and have a 'BIG' merienda at Mini Stop banawe...See how far we've walked! Q.Ave, D.Tuazon to Q.Ave, Banawe hehehe! Cardio daw ba outside with smokes from jeeps and other transpo as an added bonus?!

Meanwhile, my Good Friend Hannah already arrived from her trip in Singapore and Thailand only to have her leave again for Indonesia and Malaysia (lucky gal!) heheh! Haven't seen her since she left from her first trip and she is packing once again. I guess this is just her packing station,huh?! Miss Yah Hannah! (as if you are taking time to check this site =P, peace!)

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