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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Playboy...2nd chance, anyone!?

Watched the movie "Somethings gotta give" with my mama dearest... last night. The story got to me...soooo TRUE! heheh! Had a good laugh with this movie. A mood lifter...Naks! feeling critic daw ako haha! About a playboy thats kinda in his 60s already who doesn't date women below 30s...a full fledged playboy but syempre since this is a movie, happy ending and there is a change in his ways from being a play boy to good boy... which rarely happens in real life, diba?

House Hunting

Watched Duplex tonight with my good friend, Ana. So so lang yun g movie. Much better ang Somethings gotta give... at least, in my opinion.

My bestest, Ciarits, finally arrive from Shanghai (yey!), may shock absorber nanaman ako haha! joke* It's been a lil' incomplete without yah...naks! See yah soon!

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