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Sunday, February 29, 2004


Finally the day we were all preparing for! The Showtime! heheh! Really nerve wracking ah...ibang klase...di makakain, di mapalagay....parang INLOVE?! hahah! joke* Grabe...kabado talaga! and napa PAMELA1 (never even heard of this beofre last night) kami ng la sa oras. 1 day practice lang kasi siningit lang siya... Good thing the steps were just repetitions lang naman all throughout kaya only a few steps to squeeze into our memories. Quite an experience really...but fun if I say so myself =)

Pbase already full...can't put any photos anymore....

* Some Pics from our dress rehearsal

Feeling studio!?

with the backup dancers (MTB dancers...)

Final pose for the Pamela dance...

...and the day of our show

Before the dance

posing after the show

...hope I can put in a link to the photos soon... =) till my next posting

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