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Monday, March 01, 2004

Kikay =) Day

I was supposed to be in the office today... but... office day cancelled and it OFFICE-ially became my kikay day. Needs some pampering sometimes, diba?! It's fun being a girl. You can have the excuse to have a kikay day =) magastos nga lang...

Went to the gym around 12, lunch time. I don't actually have anything plan for the whole day except to go with what the impulsive side of mine dictates... a few people lang that time because konti lang ata ang mga bum and maybe di pa nagpapanic exercising ang mga boracay goers...I expect march to april to be a bit more crowded in the gym (an eyefull on my part...pwede ako mag guy watching...hehe!). Met the girl from a class I attended to and striked a conversation... introduce me to some of her friends...and to some more of her friends...and some more of her friends...dami palang friends in all age group and sexes... Lucky me!? kaya I got to meet lots of people today =). One girl was on a foot spa mood and ao naman patol agad since I have a LOT of time to kill and I thought I hadn't had a foot spa downstair before...40% pa because of the promo so go ako heehee! The foot spa includes head to toe massage pala which was quite relaxing and surprisingly a think the place was owned by Kris Aquino, I thought medyo pricey siya. The embarassing part was I just met the girl 5min ago and I didn't now that the body massage requires to take off the upper underwear (yikeS!) anyway, may towel naman so ok ok pa. Experience nanaman... whew!

After the foot spa, had merienda at pizza hut and ate a cake with the new friend sa sucre...yummy! All the calories shed off from the class earlier back in again... I actually spent around 7-8hours in the fitness first/loop vicinity...Diba equal to office hour din haha! BUM talaga ako today and I enjoyed every minute of it...This is life! Saw the recorded copy of the program. Ok naman as a whole but of course I missed some steps...hehe! tao lang ako...and I am not perfect...Almost lang haha! ;)

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