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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Subic getaway =)

Finally! got home last night and have the pics uploaded for viewing...

1st Day

Venue: Night Swimming @ Subic Bay Yacht Club

Top: (L-R: Mi, Cia and meL; same; Mi,meL and Cia)
Above: (L-R: Mi and Cia; Mi and Cia; meL and Mi)

Above: Bestests! =) meL and Ciarita...

2nd Day

Venue: Charles car on the way to eat lunch...

Above: (L-R: Cia and meL)

Above: (L-R: Charles and Kenny; Mi)

3rd Day

Above: (Clockwise: meL and Cia; Mi and meL; meL and Cia; same)

Goofing around...
Above: (meL and Cia...)

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