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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


Another workday today...I am the only one in the office as of this time so I opted to update my site for awhile. I'm checking our website as well... Please check out and sign our guestbook hehe!

A preview of our initial presentation to one of our ongoing clients. Module design for computer accessories and Laptops. Color schemes not yet final...

Interior Projects pix not yet uploaded. i'll try to upload some asap. =)

I am happy to report that our projects are coming in slowly but surely (knock on wood***) sana tuloy tuloy na... As of the present we have a pending that seems to go from under negotiation to ongoing (Yipee!). Although there are some bumps along the way with this starting on our own, we are slowly adjusting to the pressures and coming out stronger naman, diba!? Enough of the dramas... and I don't feel like its kasing steady salary (harharhar!). Nah, enjoy kasi =)

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