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Saturday, May 22, 2004

China Day 4th

China: Day04

Hannah and I don't have any itinerary for today so we opt to go to nan Jing Lu for a late lunch... (2:30pm) at yoshinoya...We both had beef rice bowl. I got miso soup and green tea ice cream. Really full after that. Unfortunately, there were a lot of people in that area then so we walked aimlessly till we somehow ended up in Shanghai Art Museum...

4:00pm SHANGHAI ART MUSEUM (Closing time already...) so we just walked around the building taking pix.

** Entrance of the Shanghai Art Museum

** Outside of the Shanghai Art Museum

**Posing with the stone creatures

** Landscape pictures

** ...more Landscape pictures

**Pictures w/ flower backgrounds


** Pictures at the entrance

** By the Fountain

** Pictures while resting in one of the chairs

FU XING LU...not sure if I got the street correct

** No Fan, huh!?

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