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Sunday, May 30, 2004

China Day 8th to 9th

China: Day08

2004-05-26: Not much pix this day...
We went to Xiang xi chong lu (Tutuban,Shanghai) once again and went for another round of window shopping...Afterwards,we went to Carrefour,Gu Bei store and had lunch inside the store at Mega Bites (Food Court type),wherein they have a debit card used as cash to pay for all the food you want to eat at the various restos inside the vicinity. Had a look around their 'humongous' supermarket (3 floors...a floor of food choices, and 2 floors for supermarket 'warehouse-type'/department store), there was a variety (super large variety) of things to choose from...Met up with my younger brother's friends afterward to catch up on what happened...They suggested some good places to eat and had our merienda at Bellagio,Gu Bei road (or was it near Gu Bei road?) as well...Mango ice (had to go all the way to China to eat a native philippine fruit?! WEIRD huh?!)

China: Day09

2004-05-27: We went to Home mart to look around the MC Depot type of store in Shanghai. Went to a nearby place to have lunch with Warren, (Uncle) Robert, and of course, Hahn. Afterwards, we went to Raffles to kill time and had our early dinner at an eat-all-you-can resto with belly dancing entertainer, saxophone entertainer and a chinese singer.

** Pix after the meal...Super full with all the food consume especially all the corn on the cobs, hehe!

China: Day10
2004-05-28: Today, we went to Shanghai Everbright Exhibition and Convention Center. There was an Exhibit for Baking stuffs.... Had a really tiring day afterwards...Everything here is reallg huge...(and full of people! Everywhere you go there are lots of people...) the roads, the supermarket, the exhibits!!! (2 exhibition area for just baking stuffs!). Of course, as usual, our breakfast and lunch was late due to the big exhibition we have to finish...Had a late lunch at Bi Feng Dang, a chinese resto with a good ambience and best of all, great dishes to ease our hunger...hehe!YUMMY! The dimsum were reallys superb...and the desserts,hay! I don't know if it was because we were hungry or it was really that good... =) Anyway, i'm satisfied naman so ok na.

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