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Thursday, June 03, 2004

China Day 12 to 14th

China: Day12

2004-05-30: We had lunch once again at 'Bi Feng Dang', our new fave resto as of the present...=) everything ordered is quite delicious. Maybe the dish tastes resembles our food. As for dinner, we ate at Xin Dian di...(another new find) the meal was great up to the dessert, except for the noodles which turns out to taste like the instant ones we buy from the supermarke =(...We went to starbucks to hang out and do some works (works daw!? hehe!) there...Hannah bought a laptop with her to make some adjustments to her documents...Just to get the feel of working in a coffee shop =)

China: Day13

2004-05-31: Today, we went to Nan Jing Lu (Again for the nth time) and had a foot massage in the evening...ahhh,this is life! =)


2004-06-01: We were supposedto have breakfast @ Mc DOnalds...Unfortunately, we were behind someone at the counter at 10:30am exactly and he got the last breakfast being served so we were left with no choice but to get the regular meals... Afterward,we went to take a look around Lotus Supermarket and bought some things we need for the house.

For Dinner,we ate at the Hot Pot restaurant,referred by Warren, it was quite good and I think pretty nutritious compared to the foods we ate this past few days... Here are some of the pix taken...

Hotpot...see how big?Anyway,not that big because there is a metal in the center sorta like a donut plan if you look at the top view of the hot pot...Anyway, I just got the front view

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