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Thursday, June 03, 2004

China: Day15

2004-06-03: For today, we had a full schedule ahead of us. We were mainly in the Pudong area because we had to go to Quia guo road for a scheduled meeting. We were done by lunch time.

Afterwards we went to the Shanghai Art Museum... Some pix were not that good because taking pix are not allowed and we just get by without the flash when there is someone guarding...and tried using the flash when no one's around...

Looks real? It's not...

Pix with the statue...
Hahn * Mel

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Paper Art (Cut-outs):

Outside the Shanghai Art Museum:

Orient Pearl Tower Area, Pudong:

We went to Shimen road to have look around the area but ended up seeing the great strip of bargaining stores and little resto when we were about to leave and meet a friend of Hannah's, Dwight.

From Shimen Road, we went to ride the subway to Lujiazui station to meet up with Dwight. We decided to meet at Shanghai Ocean Aquarium. Some pix...Some pix are blurred because of the moving objects (fish...) background.

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