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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hallo-Day... =)

Had a great holiday with FC Hahn and Chix as well as my brother, Kenneth. We left for Macau and HK through Clark Airport on the 3oth of October... =)

That was the start of our walk-a-thon...Good thing, we had all our things in the backpack mode of packing so we didn't have to push and carry big luggages since WE DON'T HAVE A PLACE TO STAY...yet! Since luck (or...was it luck!?) on our side, we were able to get a place to stay in Macau... But let's just leave the description of the place a secret because it wasn't exactly the kind of place you'd choose to stay to relax...BUT since we really had no plan of relaxing the trip away...then we did alright with the place....

Macau: Day01, 02, a haLf of 03 were spent in this country... More like a city in it's size... You could actually see people you've seen in the morning and bump into them around lunch time... We live near the San Ma Lo (Senado Square) which was actually a tourist spot... with the road made of cobblestone and street names are in Portuguese language and written in tiles. We were surprised to see that almost all the guards in this country are pinoys... The Pinays have also invaded this country although I have no idea what position they are working because we have just seen them in streets and have asked them for directions a lot of times.
The Casinos are one of the places that Macau is popular of. On our first day, we actually went to one casino near our area, "Casino Lisboa". We tried our hand at the slot machine (they use 2hkd to operate the machine) and when we had some winnings, we change it into cash.
Temples/ Churches: We were able to go to "Ama Temple" (I am not sure if I got the spelling correct) and Penha Church which was quite a walk from the Ama Temple because we ended up taking the long distance route... =(. We were able to take some pictures at the "Kun Lam Temple" because we were able to visit this place way too late and it was clready closed for public.

HK Day 03- 06 Took the Ferry to HK and it was quite a ride...BUMPY! Of course, HK means shopping and we did just that for the next 2 days before going to the much-publicized attraction, DISNEYLAND ! They had a special Disney MTR going to the disneyland with Mickey windows and statues of different characters in between the sofas and when we finally got to out stop the station itself was quite an attraction... It makes me kinda think of the Hogwarts Express (hehe!) they have high ceilings and big clocks up high and then a few steps leading to the exit of the MTR and into the magical wonderland... There at the entrance you will have to fall in line and pay for the tickets which has different characters per person... Upon entering, you will see the big face of mickey made out of different greeneries and colors to form his face. Inside, there are 3 transportation which will take you to 3 different routes and experiences of the whole place. They have also categorized the whole place to adventure land, fantasy land and tomorrow land... We rode almost all of the rides/ attractions and the list of my faves are: The Space Mountain - sort of like a roller coaster withoout any general lighting except some colorful ones that acts as decorations; Mickeys Philhar-Magic- this is a 3d experience which i enjoyed immensely; The Golden Mickey- a show which is oscar inspired with different performances taken from the favorite disney fairytales...and the FIREWORKS! it was really magical...the synchronizing of the fireworks to the sound and theme was really super. They also used colors to add more emphasis to the whole feeling of the production...

I really enjoyed the whole trip. I wish we could do it again sometime soon... For now, Back to the real world... =)

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fc sleepover!

Friday FC night.... at my new place...heheh~!
Had dinner with Hahn and Chix at TGIF Glorietta and the two late comers (juice and col) due to work had a coffee break at Gloria jeans of the same venue. Had a lot of catching up done that evening and did more of the talking stuff at home till the wee hours of the morning.

Pretty UN-Fc like to be together without a pic...Anyways, this time we weren't able to get a shot of this get together... Maybe next time....

Got some pix of the new place...

-Living area-
Image hosted by

-Dining Area-
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Last July 2005, my partner, Kathy Lee, prepared a special theme party for her dughter, Sammy.

I wasn't able to attend this fun party... Last year, Kathy prepared a butterfly theme party for Sammy's 4th which was also posted here.

I just got to see the pics and posted some here: Really nice work... Loot bags here are so cute... and the decorations!

From Top: Birthday Girl Sammy; with pretty mom, Kathy

... i got the latest HP, book 6. =) My brother is reading so I am still waiting my turn.... sigh* The book was from my london-based brother, Eric hehehe!

I got a different book which i forgot the title... sheesh!

I am using the net on rent... I promise to save new pix to post on my next login... Will bring my html book so the layout will have a different look... =)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hi fellas! been busy with the house/ factory hunting...Barely had time to update my blog....My pc is not in good working condition either so I guess that adds to the present obstacle....

Sheesh! Work related wise.... We have finished some of our projects whish are uploaded in our website.... or u can click theicon somewhere in this page. Do drop me a note with comments on our guestpage...

PC Express, Broadway Centrum - (Latest project completed)

-August 10, 2005-

My brother, Eric, came back from London after a 3 month trip... Work-related travel... Fetched him at NAIA at 3:20pm. Went to Duty Free afterwards... It was his first time to see the house with furnitures in it...

Will post some pix of his London Trip... =)

Monday, July 25, 2005


Just met up with half of the FCs last friday at Gateway Mall...Juice gave me a long overdued book... :) THANK U SO MUCH... I already started on the book the moment I got home. It's called Burning Alive by SOUAD...A true story about a girl who was killed by her own family to regain honor to the family because the girl got pregnant before marriage.

... Anyways, Hahn and juice, it was really great seeing both of you =)
Till next meeting

-March 2005-
Ciara and Charles' wedding

-May 2005-
My brother, Eric, left for London... Work related trip. I'll try to post some pix next time... =)

Sorry, I am time constraint right now because this is just borrowed but I'll try to update this when I have my pc working in tip top shape once again....Ciao!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

4 Months in a nutshell

* My High school buddy, Iris, got married
* Had a tiangge marathon...World trade, Valle Verde and Green Meadows...

* Eating Marathon.... A bunch of parties to attend to.... My aunt, cousins and grandma had their regular birthday bash...

* 09: My bestfriend, Ciara, got engaged (Ting Hun) at her house, reception follows at Century Hotel

* 12: Had a surprise party (mine...). Karl organized the whole party and all my friends... (the closest one, and those who mattered) were there (sniff*). They even had a compilation of messages for me in a book... Imagine how creative these interior designer friends of mine are in putting something personal in those pages...THANK YOU!

* 14: My birthday.... yehey! Silver Birthday kona (25th...)


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