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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

4 Months in a nutshell

* My High school buddy, Iris, got married
* Had a tiangge marathon...World trade, Valle Verde and Green Meadows...

* Eating Marathon.... A bunch of parties to attend to.... My aunt, cousins and grandma had their regular birthday bash...

* 09: My bestfriend, Ciara, got engaged (Ting Hun) at her house, reception follows at Century Hotel

* 12: Had a surprise party (mine...). Karl organized the whole party and all my friends... (the closest one, and those who mattered) were there (sniff*). They even had a compilation of messages for me in a book... Imagine how creative these interior designer friends of mine are in putting something personal in those pages...THANK YOU!

* 14: My birthday.... yehey! Silver Birthday kona (25th...)

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