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Monday, July 25, 2005


Just met up with half of the FCs last friday at Gateway Mall...Juice gave me a long overdued book... :) THANK U SO MUCH... I already started on the book the moment I got home. It's called Burning Alive by SOUAD...A true story about a girl who was killed by her own family to regain honor to the family because the girl got pregnant before marriage.

... Anyways, Hahn and juice, it was really great seeing both of you =)
Till next meeting

-March 2005-
Ciara and Charles' wedding

-May 2005-
My brother, Eric, left for London... Work related trip. I'll try to post some pix next time... =)

Sorry, I am time constraint right now because this is just borrowed but I'll try to update this when I have my pc working in tip top shape once again....Ciao!

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