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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Fc sleepover!

Friday FC night.... at my new place...heheh~!
Had dinner with Hahn and Chix at TGIF Glorietta and the two late comers (juice and col) due to work had a coffee break at Gloria jeans of the same venue. Had a lot of catching up done that evening and did more of the talking stuff at home till the wee hours of the morning.

Pretty UN-Fc like to be together without a pic...Anyways, this time we weren't able to get a shot of this get together... Maybe next time....

Got some pix of the new place...

-Living area-
Image hosted by

-Dining Area-
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Last July 2005, my partner, Kathy Lee, prepared a special theme party for her dughter, Sammy.

I wasn't able to attend this fun party... Last year, Kathy prepared a butterfly theme party for Sammy's 4th which was also posted here.

I just got to see the pics and posted some here: Really nice work... Loot bags here are so cute... and the decorations!

From Top: Birthday Girl Sammy; with pretty mom, Kathy

... i got the latest HP, book 6. =) My brother is reading so I am still waiting my turn.... sigh* The book was from my london-based brother, Eric hehehe!

I got a different book which i forgot the title... sheesh!

I am using the net on rent... I promise to save new pix to post on my next login... Will bring my html book so the layout will have a different look... =)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hi fellas! been busy with the house/ factory hunting...Barely had time to update my blog....My pc is not in good working condition either so I guess that adds to the present obstacle....

Sheesh! Work related wise.... We have finished some of our projects whish are uploaded in our website.... or u can click theicon somewhere in this page. Do drop me a note with comments on our guestpage...

PC Express, Broadway Centrum - (Latest project completed)

-August 10, 2005-

My brother, Eric, came back from London after a 3 month trip... Work-related travel... Fetched him at NAIA at 3:20pm. Went to Duty Free afterwards... It was his first time to see the house with furnitures in it...

Will post some pix of his London Trip... =)


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