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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Dining all day

1.Lunch at Steak M.D.
t. morato St. Q.C.

Verdict!? Porterhouse Regular Cut; Ang Cherub Sauce... Yum!

2.Merienda at Napolis

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Three's a date...

Went to Gerry's Grill for a late dinner with my cousin and Karl last Sunday....

Had a great time eating all those food we ordered... YUMMY! I liked the green mango salad a lot as well as the Tuna Sisig....

Michelle came from a date actually and she was able to talk her boyfriend to drop her off at the restaurant to join us...Goody :)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Deadline is supposed to be in June in time for the July wedding and the Ke tseng... Just got this project last week and so far, we have been doing our fastest to beat the deadline and not be the cause of delay...

Right: Proposed Master's Bedroom

Below:Our initial 3d for the Cua Residence...
Proposed Living Area

A Big sale at Wilcon and chose all the tiles for the 3 CRs for the Cua's Residence... I'm so happy that we were able to finalized all the tiles and the client seem happy both with the price and the look.... :)

The last gracian in our family has finally graduated... (and with honors in the Chinese subjects...) and has bid the high school life goodbye...

Attending graduation seems like bringing the past back into the present. What was amazing was in seeing not those old classmates but in seeing those old co-workers whom was a schoolmate back then in which I've found a friend in not in school but in another place. .. It was a welcoming sight nonetheless.... :)

The second time for my parents to go up on stage to pin a medal. Unfortunately, I am not the one who gave my parents the first chance to go up that stage...hehhe! I'm not that bad though....I'm just not that book smart :O

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Designing for a high school classmate

We finally pushed through with a high school classmate to design their unit for June’06 in time for their July wedding. Seems a bit in a rush since we just finalize the contract last week and they are already tearing the whole place apart and waiting for instruction and drawings on what to do next…. TOXIC! Heheh!

He says that he is referring another friend whose location is in E.Rod which I also met with this afternoon. Pretty hectic today since I spent my half day going around Q.C. to and fro the 2 sites, and then the stores for tiles and stuffs. I sure hope that we get to close this 2nd project because we are in the verge of closing another Montgomery project soon… I hope!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Seafood market

FC Philippines reunion, too bad Col wasn't able to be there with us... :(
Had a great talk and dinner though there was an accidental sighting of the past hehehe!


Where's Col!? :C


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