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Friday, March 23, 2007

We went to Canada last March 4, 2007

... Our 2nd Sunday in burnaby...

We went to St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church once again for the 11:00am mass. The room was full of Filipinos so it sort of feel like being at home.
We were supposed to have lunch at the White Spot but ended up going to crystals to look for a place to eat and ended up wating at Silverway.. (I am not so sure with the name), food was way too salty and the soup (hot and sour) tastes too peppery.

A walk in Queen Elizabeth Park was the next on our agenda... There was a duck pond and vast stretch of greeneries with small plants of flowers, awaiting to bloom comes spring. I would probably come back when there is a lot of flowers to look at.We even saw a squirrel up on a tree who gamely stood still for a moment when we threw nuts below for h im to come down for a closer take... Next was Granville Island. We saw the Floating houses, the yacht, the Granville market which was full of fresh fruits, flowers and some stalls which sells things from paintings, baby's hats to scarves...

More Pictures...Click Here

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