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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Far Away Places in Canada

The advantage of finally having a car is finally to be able to go places farther from our usual and look at new places...

July 20, 2008: We went to West Vancouver and had lunch at Trolls.
The view was really wonderful and the fish and chips at Trolls was good also... :)

July 27, 2008: Squamish and Whistler. Lunch at A&W

Shannon Falls at Squamish is a sight to behold. The climb was a bit tiring though and maybe it was sort of raining that time and pushing a stroller that made it more harder.

I was finally able to go and see whistler this time around. They had a bike ramp set up with lots of bikers strutting their stuffs instead of the skiing and snow activities that Whistler is famous for.
We went around the area and had ice cream from the fa-MOO-us "COW" which was hailed by readers digest as the best ice cream in Canada. I was only able to eat 2 spoonfuls of the Pecan Walnut since I was sharing it with Karl and that was the only ice cream left after I went inside to pay for a souvenir magnet for our future fridge (hehe!).
Will post whistler pics soon :)


Anonymous said...

Awww Mel! :) Inggit ako sa mga travels nyo! I also wanna try that fa-moo-us cow ice cream. Seems like you're all so happy there. Then I'm also happy for you all. :)

meL said...

aaaaw it would be so much fun if you were here with us... Dibale we can try the ice cream also hehe!

ciara said...

mel ang ganda grabe.... from your description and sa pics mo. i wish i could go somewhere far away din, some place like that hehe.. or better yet, dyan din!!! reminds me so much of austria..

meL said...

Thanks bestie, parang postcard noh?

I sure wish u were here as well :)


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