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Friday, July 18, 2008

I started doing this for Kimi's AVP which was supposed to be played on her baptism reception but i was not able to finish a lot of the layouts to make it a video so here are some of the layouts for viewing. I have just done 2 1/2 months of selected pictures and am way behind already.

When i looked at these picture, I realized just how much my baby girl has grown. She used to fit snugly in the nursing pad karl bought to help me nurse her but she has grown way too big for it now. Her first doctor's visit and how hard it was for us to see her get her shot. Her first christmas... How small she was then.

How happy we were to be spending Christmas with a new addition to the family. To our little bundle of joy, WE LOVE YOU... Mwaaah.


Anonymous said...

Mel, these are so beautiful! I never knew you made these! Kimi's so lucku to have such talented mom. :)

meL said...

Thanks sab :)

*blush* mwah


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