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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kimi's Little Paradise...

The first room we did when we got the chance to decorate was Kimi's Room. Karl started by assembling the crib and toy storage for our little angel. Then next was doing the colorful stickers sprinkled throughout the room to fill up the bare spaces above the crib.

It was really fun completing the room Kimi will be spending a lot of time in. It was a joy going through all the shops looking for those items that will be added to a shelf or a wall and it was just satisfying looking at it improve day by day.

I know my baby is not old enough to really appreciate her room but it was just fulfilling to fill it with her toys and baby furniture and to fix her wardrobe cabinet with her little shoes and pretty dresses.

It was really a treat the first time we carried Kimi downstair to take a peek at her future room. She was looking from left to right, taking in all the colors she sees all throughout the room and doing her baby talk as if to tell us that she approves...

Enjoy your room, Baby.

With lots of Love,

From Papa and Mama


Anonymous said...

Kimi's room is so colorful! I like the decorations. I can't wait to see you all there next month. :)

ciara said...

hi mel

nice room for kimi :-) though i heard from somebody that the rubber alphabets we put on the floor causes some health problems. i suggest, to make it look really girly and princess-y, put a nice area rug, one with pink designs :-)

meL said...

Thanks Cia,will definitely take a look on some alternatives :) as of now, showroom pa siya kasi di pa namin nagagamit kwarto :)


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