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Friday, August 08, 2008

BC Day: @ Maplewood Farm

August 4th was BC Day this year and it was a long weekend here at British Columbia. Karl has Monday off and decided to join his cousin to their trip to Maplewood Farm...

There were a lot of interactions with the animals inside the farm. We were able to go inside to take pictures with the goats and rabbits. There were also goose and livestocks like chickens roaming freely. At 1:15pm, there was a scheduled milking demonstration of the cow which we enjoyed.

We were able to see the horses inside the barn. They were quite big and not the same as we are used to in Manila wherein they are thinner and shorter. Maybe they are not of the same breed as well. Even the rabbits are quite big than what we are used to seeing in Manila. They also look like slippers when they are resting side by side hehe!


Anonymous said...

MELLLL! This is all so cute and happy! :) I love the fluffy rabbits and Kimi is big na! Can she cruise/walk na? Where's this Maplewood farm? You all seem to be enjoying summer! :)

meL said...

Hi sab...
This is North Van

Address is
405 Seymour River Place
North Vancouver, B.C. Canada
V7H 1S6

I should be putting address and contact details pala noh :)

Cute ng rabbit but super huge... parang small doggie na

Anonymous said...

Too bad you've been there na. La na sasama sa amin ni Sophie. :( Cute sobra ng rabbits... They sometimes look like slippers nga from the top view. Small doggie? OMG! Even the rabbits are oversized there! Cute!!! :)


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