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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

(Un)domestic Mommy Day 1

Today, my in laws left for a 10days well-deserved cruise to Las Vegas, US of A. I am left here to figure out on my own how it really is to be the captain of a ship... or in my case, a real stay at home mom. I am embarrassed to admit that I am undomesticated right up to more than a year of being married. This is the first time that I am left to cook for three meals a day for more than a week. I have always had help even when my mom in law left Canada to Manila last year...

I had a Mc Lunch today... It is pretty lonely to cook for one so I opt to walk my way to the nearest fastfood.


I went to the nearest Supermarket at Highgate Village (Save-on Food and Shoppers Drug Mart) for some ingredients for our dinner tonight. I also got some books from the library to fill my days since I don’t have people to talk to now while hubby is in the office. I know that there will be more work for me to fill up my time with but I still want some alone time for myself hehe!


#202-7155 Kingsway Burnaby

For dinner, I chose a simple recipe called “Crispy Chilli-Garlic-Hoisen Chicken” which I got from the Multiply site of the “Diary of a professional eater”, I did not make the rice part of the recipe and I am so happy it was a success since hubby finished off the small batch of dish... At least, I did something edible (...and delicious!), I wonder what tomorrow’s dish would be...


Monday, September 29, 2008

The Village at Park Royale

We were thinking of what mall to go to this Sunday. Metrotown was obviously out of the questions because we can go there any time because of its distance from our house. K suggested Park Royale, South Mall since the last time we went there, and we went to the North mall. We were supposed to go early but Kimi decided to do an afternoon nap which shortens our malling time to 2hours. Malls here close early and Park Royale closes at 6pm. I didn’t complain since I didn’t like Park Royale North that much and was expecting the same on the South mall. I didn’t expect to discover a new lifestyle outdoor shopping area, The Village. To have an idea, it is the same as Whistler Village with their open air shops and coffee shops or in Manila; it sort of resembles the Serendra concept of stores. I really love the ambience.

2002 Park Royale South
Vancouver, BC
V7T 2W4




The Home Depot on The Village was really nice. It has a modern feel to it and they have a design consultation area for those who want help in designing their space. I also found 2 home decor shops during my ‘short’ stay. I got to see the 1st one which sells modern accessories and Umbra frames. I love their clocks and modern wall decors... There was a whole food supermarket that has huge pumpkin in their storefront in time for the fall/Halloween season. Too bad, time was running out and stores are closing... K promise that we will be returning soon...

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Perfect Day

Mine would be to have
both my baby and hubby with me

It is getting a little bit chilly now in Canada. Sort of like Christmas weather if we are in Manila.

I’d love to curl up on the sofa while warming myself with a blanket, reading a Christmassy kind of book. It’s almost impossible to do that now with a baby demanding to be fed, held and played with almost round the clock so I did the next best thing, I read my book curled up under the blanket with my baby sleeping contentedly beside me... Everyone happy hehe!
I haven’t been to any bookstore here in Canada since I’ve arrived (Pretty out of character for someone who can stay inside a bookstore for hours scanning the aisles of books...) but I went to the nearest library to get a stack of books to read while I wait for my reading time... The first book I read was “A Perfect Day” By: Richard Paul Evans. I really love Mr. Evan’s books, the way he writes tugs at the heartstrings and makes readers take a fresh look at their own lives. This book is no exception...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best Catch

I was a picky eater when I was young. When my dad tells us it was time to eat (My dad cooks...and he is a good one...), I usually peek at the dishes then eat as hurriedly as I can just to get it over with. That usually is the case, except when it is my favourite dish that is on the table. Crabs? That is my absolute favourite and that is the only time that I get to leave the table-- LAST. My mom also loves crab even if it means getting our hands dirty to get all the tasty meats inside every shell... We would do it. Eat crabs while laughing and sharing stories. I absolutely miss those days...

When I got married, I love the Market days every week in my new home. Karl's mom would go to the market and bring home fresh crabs from her "suki" (crab vendor which she buys from regular); she cleans the crab at our dirty kitchen and starts preparing the ingredients for cooking. I waited excitedly for the aroma to fill the dining room which would mean that lunch is almost near...

Dinner, Canada :)
Here in Canada, I am in search of the crab that I used to have in Manila. We started with King Crab which I find “just expensive” but doesn’t deliver the same satisfaction as my crab. Next, came the Dungeoness Crab, they look almost alike and even if our version of crab is tastier this comes almost close to the one I fondly remembers... So I guess I’ll settle for this crab until I go home and have my best catch.... Manila Crab.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweet Stash

I have a sweet tooth and I LOVE CHOCOLATES and candies! I have search through different supermarkets here to satisfy my regular cravings for something sweet. Some chocoloates like the Meiji Chocolate covered gummy, I only find in my favorite Asian Supermarket (TnT), while Blackberry currant, I only find in the neighborhood store, Tommy. I love going through the sweet aisle and checking out new chocolates and what they are composed of... PEANUTS are a no no for me... I don't like them much especially if they are in the middle of my yummy choco.
I miss my choco-eating buddy, Sab :). Oh well, I have to eat all these by my lonesome... Is that a consolation... or what!? hehe!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Asian delight

Before I came to Canada, I always envisioned US and places like Canada to be full of Fair haired people. Boy, was I so wrong. Being in Burnaby, Canada or even in Vancouver feels like Asia because of the vast number of Asian from different countries living here. From the Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Filipinos.

My attempt at cooking something Asian resulted to an easy to cook... Gyoza ,which I purchased frozen from TnT, an Asian supermarket for all your asian food needs...

GYOZA... yummy!

So,I went to TnT Supermarket to buy more stash for our fridge. Gyoza was on my list since it was a hit with Karl plus he wanted Pandesal for his everyday office snack (Pandesal is like dinner bun which I find tastier and creamier than their dinner bun counterpart).

Upon entering TnT, you can see the different bars of Asian delights. From the Sushi Bar (Japan) to Dimsum (Hongkong) and Bubble Tea (Taiwan)... There are also a variety of cakes and pastries to satisy the sweetest tooth. You can also find different sauces and spices to cook up the favorite Asian dish you've been wanting to try and if you'd rather do a takeout. There is also a bar of Chinese dishes ready to eat...




Granville Weekend

It was a perfect day for walking outside this Sunday and we decided to spend the afternoon at the Kids Market, Granville Island. There, you can see a variety of shops especially for kids and toys to keep them occupied for a while.

Kimi looks around as we pushed her strollers through arrays of colorful toys and lights... She even extended her arms in an effort to touch some of the toys within her reach. Too bad, Kimi is still too young to play with those kind of toys and we decided to stroll out to the deck where the ducks are being fed by an old lady while some kids try to take a picture with the group of ducks swimming to get their treats.

Daddy Karl lovingly lowered Kimi near the deck floor careful not to let her to near the water but near enough to take part in the fun around...
Karl and Kimi looking at the duck

We venture to the Public Market and stumbled upon a Street magician doing his weekend living... :) Near the make-shift stage, I went into the shop nearby to scout the bead shop I knew was inside. I looked at the various shapes and colors of glittering beads and cords as well as the rows and columns of mini plastics with clasps and stuffs to make jewelries. Although prices in the shop were a wee bit expensive, I couldn't resist the ladybug toggle clasp and some bright colored fun beads which I purchase for my first attempt at bracelet making.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Busy Sunday...

September 14, 2008

We spent last Sunday in the heart of downtown to join the celebration of mooncake festival inside the picturesque garden of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. The private garden was opened for the public for this special occassion and offered various activities like storytelling and arts/crafts. There were free slices of mooncake upon entering the private garden while a flutist serenading you with his hypnotizing music.

578 Carrall St., Vancouver




Right outside our house, Richmond Park is also celebrating Edmonds City fair which features a mini carnival and various displays of gift/ novelty items from different countries. There is also a Mc Donald tent and ice cream van for those hungry kids as well as $0.50 food choices (hotdogs, corn on the cobs, drinks...). The Fair is from 1:00 - 5:00pm. We almost missed the whole fair because we got there at 4:30pm. A lot of the tents are already closing down as well as the rides but I got to share a popsicle stick with Karl under the hot sun and was able to watch a couple of talents being showcase for that day...



Welcome Triplets!!!

Finally! The wait is over...
My cousin Michelle and her hubby Johnson welcome their triple blessings...
(2 boys and a little princess....)

....whew. Just thinking of trippple everything is quite overwhelming but I am sure the triplets will bring them triple of happiness as well...

To Michelle and Johnson....CONGRATULATIONS!
... hope to get a glimpse of the little angels soon... PICTURE PLEASE!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Bestfriend's Wedding

The movie "My Bestfriend's Wedding" has always been one my favorite movies of all time. I used to do casting roles on my own when I watched those feel good romantic flicks and of course, I play the lead role (Julia) thinking that I will get the guy in the end ;). The guy, being my long time crush- then... hehe! However, I was pretty disappointed when the movie ended up with Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) getting the guy and I can't get myself to hate her because she was so charming! A sense of deja vu came over me... Hey wait-- I also liked the girl my crush has been courting... uh-oh. The reality is making itself show even in my fantasyland.... I didn't know why I suddenly thought of the movie until I remembered... Today was my ex-crush's birthday... hahaha!

Enough about that, the train of my thought actually started when I was thinking of how we ended up with the name Kimberline Denise for our little angel. Karl was actually the one who insisted on the name Kimberline and as much as I would have liked to have the 2nd name start with the letter "M", I can't seem to find a perfect M-2nd name to compliment the first name he's chosen. All the Ms that I like also ended with an '-ine' like Maxine which would make our baby's name redundant on the last few letters. I finally settled for a different first letter for our baby Kimi but I insisted on calling her "KIMI" for her nickname... Maybe because K-MI (K is for Karl and mimi was my nick name when I was a little girl...) and the fact that Kimmy, from the movie of my long ago was one of my favorite character even if the ending wasn't...
Maybe happy endings doesn't always happen the way we perceive it but we get our "real" happy endings happen when we wait for the right one for us...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kimi dances

Kimi can dance...

When the music starts.... Kimi starts to stands up from her crib by using the bar on the sides for support then starts swaying from left to right. She looks up from her swaying and give us her sweet and endearing smile that never fails to touch my heart....


Last Sunday, Kimi went to church for the first time here in Canada:

Our Lady of Mercy School

7481 10th AveBurnaby, V3N 2S1

Phone: 604-526-7121Fax: 604-520-3194

She wore this white Carter dress with floral trimming and embroidery which was given to her by her Godmother, Honey. She also wore this dress the 1st time she attended church in Manila at Mary the Queen. The first time she wore this dress it was still too big for her but now it fit just right. With the handmade shoe to complete her outfit, all that is missing is the crochet'd yellow hat nana made for her which gone missing from one of her many malling :(.

Kimi posing with her ducky face during the mass

Karl with Kimi after the mass (in front of the church)

Mel with Kimi on the way to the parking lot

Goodbye Canada... for now

It was mixed emotions for me as I watched all the baggage and boxes being arranges inside the back of the car. Sad yet happy for Sab that she is finally about to be reunited with her loving hubby, B. It was a great 3 weeks having her here with us to talk to and swap mommy stories with and to hear Sophie laughing makes the house much more alive.

Karl getting the car ready for the passengers

Last few items...

Little Sophie looking into her room for a last goodbye

Grandparents and Gradaughters

... till the next Can-ADVENTURE!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Seattle Escape

Having moments to myself seems to be a treat nowadays and I was really excited when Sab and I decided to have a whole day to ourselves away from our babies to just enjoy Seattle. It started as a plan and finally it was all real when I finally got the tickets in my hand...just awaiting the date- September 06,2008.

For the Seattle day tour, Sab and I got up at 5:30am for the meeting time of 6:15am near Metrotown, Kingsway. Kelvin was sweet enough to wake up early for the nth time to drive us to the supposed meeting place when I know that he really wants to catch up on his Zzzzs...

For the first stop, we were taken for a short stop at the Washington University then proceeded to the Washington lake to take a peek at the tunnel wherein salmons passes through when they are fully grown. Next stop, was the Space needle wherein u can go all the way to the top to view the whole Seattle from above.

-an out of this world facade of the Space Center

This was the view that surrounded us as we enjoyed the best Clam chowder on bread bowl we've ever tasted.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Greater Vancouver Adventure

This was my 2nd time to visit the Greater Vancouver zoo but I enjoyed it more than the first time because this time, I have Kimi with me to enjoy the animals unlike the first time wherein she was still inside my tummy.
The largest zoo in British Columbia, the Greater Vancouver zoo is just around 30-45 minutes away from Vancouver.

Aldergrove, British Columbia
Bundled up to keep li'l Kimikins warm...
as she waited patiently for Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Sab to finished their hot chocolate for a perfect start to zoo-adventure
This giraffe was the crowd favorite. Enjoying the fresh grass while people from atop a man-made bridge took pictures of her.
Pretty birds...
The graceful cheetah poses gamely for me to take this captivating picture of her.
Kimi with Dada and mama
With sis in law, Sab and Baby Sophie.
Mel and Kimi
Damsels with the gentle ankole cattle
Just sitting pretty...
Karl's candid shot of him holding Kimi Karl gently pushing the swing for Little Kimi

Friday, September 05, 2008

Happy with grandpa


Kimi was all smiles with grandpa... This shot was taken at Aberdeen Centre foodcourt after having snacks of Japanese balls and Hot noodles. The atmosphere of this mall was like being in Hong kong with all the Asian boutiques and various Chinese restaurants to choose from.

Aberdeen Centre
4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond, BC, Canada(SW Corner of Hazelbridge Way & Cambie Rd.)
604.273.1234 ext 128

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hide and Seek

Where's Sophie?!

There's Sophie!!!

Happy to see Sophie...

Uh-oh...I lost her again...

Kimi is exploring her way in the Ching's residence (Grand Uncle and Aunt) and playing with Sophie who is visiting for three weeks. This was taken after the barbeque lunch.


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