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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Last Sunday, Kimi went to church for the first time here in Canada:

Our Lady of Mercy School

7481 10th AveBurnaby, V3N 2S1

Phone: 604-526-7121Fax: 604-520-3194

She wore this white Carter dress with floral trimming and embroidery which was given to her by her Godmother, Honey. She also wore this dress the 1st time she attended church in Manila at Mary the Queen. The first time she wore this dress it was still too big for her but now it fit just right. With the handmade shoe to complete her outfit, all that is missing is the crochet'd yellow hat nana made for her which gone missing from one of her many malling :(.

Kimi posing with her ducky face during the mass

Karl with Kimi after the mass (in front of the church)

Mel with Kimi on the way to the parking lot

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