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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goodbye Canada... for now

It was mixed emotions for me as I watched all the baggage and boxes being arranges inside the back of the car. Sad yet happy for Sab that she is finally about to be reunited with her loving hubby, B. It was a great 3 weeks having her here with us to talk to and swap mommy stories with and to hear Sophie laughing makes the house much more alive.

Karl getting the car ready for the passengers

Last few items...

Little Sophie looking into her room for a last goodbye

Grandparents and Gradaughters

... till the next Can-ADVENTURE!


Anonymous said...

MELLLL :( I didn't know you captured these... Thank you for making my stay wonderful and memorable. Up to now, it still amazes me how we're so much alike in heart and mind. Yes, till our next Can-Adventure! :)

meL said...

ditto! I am so happy we had those opportunities to discover those same traits and end up getting more closer as time passes... mwaaaaaaah


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