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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Granville Weekend

It was a perfect day for walking outside this Sunday and we decided to spend the afternoon at the Kids Market, Granville Island. There, you can see a variety of shops especially for kids and toys to keep them occupied for a while.

Kimi looks around as we pushed her strollers through arrays of colorful toys and lights... She even extended her arms in an effort to touch some of the toys within her reach. Too bad, Kimi is still too young to play with those kind of toys and we decided to stroll out to the deck where the ducks are being fed by an old lady while some kids try to take a picture with the group of ducks swimming to get their treats.

Daddy Karl lovingly lowered Kimi near the deck floor careful not to let her to near the water but near enough to take part in the fun around...
Karl and Kimi looking at the duck

We venture to the Public Market and stumbled upon a Street magician doing his weekend living... :) Near the make-shift stage, I went into the shop nearby to scout the bead shop I knew was inside. I looked at the various shapes and colors of glittering beads and cords as well as the rows and columns of mini plastics with clasps and stuffs to make jewelries. Although prices in the shop were a wee bit expensive, I couldn't resist the ladybug toggle clasp and some bright colored fun beads which I purchase for my first attempt at bracelet making.



Christine said...

Awww, Kimi really looked like she enjoyed herself! And I just love the bracelet!!!!!

You have such a beautiful family!

meL said...

Thanks Christine :)

Anonymous said...

Mel... Did you do the bracelet on your own? It's so pretty! I like the ladybug. I miss having these walk-in-the-park weekends with all of you there. :)

meL said...

Hi sab! :)

yup i did the bracelet while kimi was sleeping... :) Miss the walks and weekends with you as well... Till February!


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