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Friday, September 12, 2008

Greater Vancouver Adventure

This was my 2nd time to visit the Greater Vancouver zoo but I enjoyed it more than the first time because this time, I have Kimi with me to enjoy the animals unlike the first time wherein she was still inside my tummy.
The largest zoo in British Columbia, the Greater Vancouver zoo is just around 30-45 minutes away from Vancouver.

Aldergrove, British Columbia
Bundled up to keep li'l Kimikins warm...
as she waited patiently for Mommy, Daddy and Auntie Sab to finished their hot chocolate for a perfect start to zoo-adventure
This giraffe was the crowd favorite. Enjoying the fresh grass while people from atop a man-made bridge took pictures of her.
Pretty birds...
The graceful cheetah poses gamely for me to take this captivating picture of her.
Kimi with Dada and mama
With sis in law, Sab and Baby Sophie.
Mel and Kimi
Damsels with the gentle ankole cattle
Just sitting pretty...
Karl's candid shot of him holding Kimi Karl gently pushing the swing for Little Kimi


Anonymous said...

Awwww :) Don't call me sis-in-law. It sounds so formal and rivals... Hahah :) I will always be guilty for asking you to take too much photos of me with the zebra that you didn't get your turn anymore coz the zebras walked away na to the other side of the field. :(

meL said...

haha! dont be... it was a moment to remembered when i realized we were posing in front of a fence lang pala hehe!


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