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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Perfect Day

Mine would be to have
both my baby and hubby with me

It is getting a little bit chilly now in Canada. Sort of like Christmas weather if we are in Manila.

I’d love to curl up on the sofa while warming myself with a blanket, reading a Christmassy kind of book. It’s almost impossible to do that now with a baby demanding to be fed, held and played with almost round the clock so I did the next best thing, I read my book curled up under the blanket with my baby sleeping contentedly beside me... Everyone happy hehe!
I haven’t been to any bookstore here in Canada since I’ve arrived (Pretty out of character for someone who can stay inside a bookstore for hours scanning the aisles of books...) but I went to the nearest library to get a stack of books to read while I wait for my reading time... The first book I read was “A Perfect Day” By: Richard Paul Evans. I really love Mr. Evan’s books, the way he writes tugs at the heartstrings and makes readers take a fresh look at their own lives. This book is no exception...


Anonymous said...

Mel, that's a beautiful book and a perfect day, indeed. I like the photo. :)

meL said...

Sab, o nga eh nice book... naread mo na? :)
miss yah


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