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Monday, September 29, 2008

The Village at Park Royale

We were thinking of what mall to go to this Sunday. Metrotown was obviously out of the questions because we can go there any time because of its distance from our house. K suggested Park Royale, South Mall since the last time we went there, and we went to the North mall. We were supposed to go early but Kimi decided to do an afternoon nap which shortens our malling time to 2hours. Malls here close early and Park Royale closes at 6pm. I didn’t complain since I didn’t like Park Royale North that much and was expecting the same on the South mall. I didn’t expect to discover a new lifestyle outdoor shopping area, The Village. To have an idea, it is the same as Whistler Village with their open air shops and coffee shops or in Manila; it sort of resembles the Serendra concept of stores. I really love the ambience.

2002 Park Royale South
Vancouver, BC
V7T 2W4




The Home Depot on The Village was really nice. It has a modern feel to it and they have a design consultation area for those who want help in designing their space. I also found 2 home decor shops during my ‘short’ stay. I got to see the 1st one which sells modern accessories and Umbra frames. I love their clocks and modern wall decors... There was a whole food supermarket that has huge pumpkin in their storefront in time for the fall/Halloween season. Too bad, time was running out and stores are closing... K promise that we will be returning soon...


Anonymous said...

Mel! The pumpkins are so cute. :)

meL said...

sooo huge...
they dont look cute actual hehe

Anonymous said...

hubby and I are thinking of moving to Vancouver,I just wanna know what's up like there.
btw,I will add you to my blogroll,ok.

meL said...

Thanks fickleminded,

i am discovering Vancouver little by little. We can swap notes so I will have an idea how it is there in ur area :). Thanks for adding me to your blogroll :)


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