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Sunday, October 26, 2008

60th @ Hilton

Celebrating the 60th at Hiltons... Uncle Alfonseo just turned 60 and celebrated the Big 0 at Hiltons...

The Complimentary slices from Hilton

Plates of coldcuts

Chua Family with the Bday celebrant
Yey! A chance to finally wear a dress... So eventhough it was quite chilly, I wore the dress I bought from Manila with goosebumps as my accessory... he he!

Kimi sitting prettily in her Chinese number
Kimi wore her red cheongsam given by her Ninang Hannah. This time around. The red number doesnt look too loose on her body but K just had to put a onesie under it to kepe her from being cold (oh well...).
Jojo eating the cake all by herself...


Anonymous said...

I love Kimi's cheong sam talaga!! :) Everyone was so dressed up. Mommy was wearing the dress I gave her and Daddy was wearing the vest I gave him. I miss you all! :)

meL said...

miss u sab :)

hihi once in a lifetim oppotunity to dress up


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