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Friday, November 28, 2008

Cibo's Linguine di Valentino and more...

I am craving for something italian.... Somthing from Cibo. How I wish I can order one for myself to devour by my lonesome for lunch today...

To start with, I'll have the little breads with my spinach dip

Spinaci Zola P218.00 Spinach, gorgonzola
Next, comes the soup

Crema Di Zucca P185.00 Summer squash, cream, slab bacon
My favorite, the pasta
Linguine Di Valentino P320.00 - P560.00
Crabmeat, stewed tomato, chili peppers, cream
Size choices: Regular(P320.00), Grand(P560.00)

then, to chill me (I am fantasizing and Cibo is in Manila so let's just say it is hot there...)

Red Grape Shake
I wish, Manila is just around the corner...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sweets for my Sweet

"The easiest way to a wife's heart is through her sweet tooth..."
I woke up this morning carrying Kimi searching for something sweet to start my day, I instinctively reached for the Malteaser inside our refrigerator and to my dismay, realized that there are only 3 small balls left. I put all three into my mouth and let them melt inside making a mental note to myself to get another batch of Malteaser in the nearby supermarket.

As I went towards the stairs to the main dining for Kimi’s playpen, I noticed a big bouquet of pink roses and a large tin can of Malteaser on our main door blocking the staircase…. As I read the card it says, Happy Anniversary- Love Karl. A wide smile crossed my face while I thought of a way as to how my ever-thoughtful hubby got all this inside the house without my noticing. I remember distinctly how I woke up with Kimi early that morning and ushered him out of the main door on his way to the office. It was when he finally got home that I learned how he used up his lunch break to buy and deliver the items before Kimi wakes up.
2 dozens pink roses and a big tin can of Malteasers

Kimi got to the sweets first...

Fully bloom by the next morning :)

Again, he is one step ahead of me. I was planning to go out this afternoon to buy him a gift but he surprised me instead. I have to think of a way to catch him off guard on a normal day maybe. It also makes me realize just how sweet he is and how I fell in love with him then... and more so now.

Happy Anniversary Bibi.

The start of something wonderful....

2 years ago…

I peeked from the bridal car in front of the church and the thought of what will happen to me in a few minutes washes over me with certain sadness and at the same time, excitement. I will be going in as a daughter and a sister and go out of that church bearing another title, I will be Karl’s wife. Oh, how surreal even to think of being someone’s wife. As the door of the car was opened and someone helped me to my feet to get me ready for my walk, I looked at the door of the church, nervous, thinking that everyone will be looking at me as I walk down that aisle. I am not very good in being in the spotlight and it would really be awkward if I do fell flat on my face right on my wedding day when I should be gliding gracefully like those countless bride I have seen in the movies.

As the door of the church started to open, I took a deep breath and reminded myself to stay calm, CALM. I never expected the wave of tears that suddenly comes pouring uncontrollably down my made up face. Uh-oh! I should have known that this would come. I am a very emotional person and would cry at people’s wedding so why would it be a shock that I am crying in my own wedding. As I look at the familiar faces smiling at me, I am more overwhelmed with this very moment. It is finally happening… I am getting married- REALLY! As I looked at the far end of the church, I could see Karl, looking at me with tears in his eyes. …Aaaw! My soon to be hubby is also as emotionally affected as I am… and the look he gave me was one that tells me that he is so happy and lucky to have…me. ME!- when I am the lucky one to have someone as sensitive and loving as him to be on my side for the rest of our lives.

A Walk to Remember...
After the church ceremony, K kept on pacing back and forth at our bridal waiting room. It was making me restless seeing him go from side to side. Chinese reception always starts late, you know, and maybe he is already hungry I thought to myself (he! he!) It wouldn’t be the first time this happens… Finally, the guests are seated and we are called down to wait outside the reception area for our grand entrance. I looked at the close double door and listens to the little sounds that did escape from the room, wherein I prepared the growing up AVP with carefully chosen songs to introduce Little Karl and Little Mel… The door suddenly open and the loud voice of our emcee echoed throughout the room introducing... Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kelvin and Melissa Ong-Chua. The spotlight was once again on our face and I was overwhelmed with the number of people with big smiles on their face as we made our way to the center of the ballroom… I was actually scared of the first dance which the planner insist that I include in the program when Karl did a speech right at the start of the recepetion. I was thinking to myself then that the speech should be done at the end…when the emcee’s voice interrupted my thought, “ … he has prepared a special moment for the woman of his dreams, for you, from Karl… then before I knew it, the familiar notes of our song, “How did you know by Gary Valenciano” began playing and the familiar but nervous voice of my new husband resonated the grand ballroom! I can’t believe he is singing a song, his first public performance, right here and right now… My husband just did the ultimate surprise! I finally realized why he was so nervous in the waiting room. he was collecting the courage for this once in a lifetime performance of his.

A look full of love...

A kiss from my new hubby

Everything after that was all a blur but it was all very memorable. I remember that everyone who was important in our life was there to share our joy. My new sister in law, Sab, did the opening prayer. My youngest brother, Ken, sang publicly as well for the first time in his life. My other brother, Eric, who rarely shows emotion made a speech for us both and ended it with a declaration of how he will miss me and that he loves me, it was one of the most memorable moment for me as well to have him admit it publicly (he! he!) and to later found out from the video that he shed a few tears upon my getting married... (uhmm he is affected!). My new dad in law did a song for us as well and my new brother in law, Kenny, did the closing speech. I would have love to go through all the preparations again if it would mean a repetition of that “Perfect Day”.
It was hands down the happiest day of my life.

I am happy to say that two years after the wedding day, I can definitely say that, that day, was the start of something really wonderful.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Church Chicken

Karl loves Church Chicken here in Canada. He says that it is comparable to our Manila's Jollibee Chicken.

For our 2nd night with Vic and G, we decided to stay in and have Church chicken at home so they can meet little Kimi.
G with our own bundle of joy, Kimi

The Happy couple with Kimi looking on
The story telling continued, the laughter and of course, the picture takings...

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Small Reunion

After several months of waiting, a friend has finally came to Canada for a visit.

Vic and G...

I met G on Karl's birthday treat 4 years ago. Vic and G just started going out as a couple a few months back and we realized that our couple's anniversary was just a week apart. G was one of the people who led the organization of my surprise bridal shower. For our wedding, we chose Vic and G as our "Couple of the night" and they also got married a year after on the same month, a few weeks shy from our wedding anniversary. It is just a great timing that they are her on vacation on the day of our 2nd year wedding anniversary... It's like having a small reunion of our Wedding day 2 years ago.

Double Date :)
We had a Chinese dinner at Sun Sui Wah, Richmond. We had their famous dish, Pigeon with the Salted Fried Rice. I had a lot of fun catching up on news at home and made me miss Manila all the more. We said goodbye after dinner and promised to see each other a few more times before they go back home.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Santa's Parade at Edmonds

It was raining all through the week and it was just a stroke of luck that on the day of the Santa's Parade. The weather seems to cooperate as well. I was really excited to see what was in store. We bundled up Kimi nice and warm and strolled out of the house and into the nearby street where the parade was about to start. There were cups of hot chocolate for free in nearby stand which I really needed to keep me warm inside.
Kimi and Daddy waiting for the parad to start

Men in Uniform

Frosty snowmen decor behind the truck
2008 Fire Engine

Car with loads of toys to be given away after the parade

Just woke up

The cold weather makes it such an ideal way to sleep more... I took advantage of this and have Kimi sleeping more in the afternoon...

Kimi just woke up and wasn't in the greatest mood for me to take a video of her... But she relented in the end :)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Getting ready for a Canadian Christmas

We are finally making small steps in decorating our home with Christmas decors. We started with changing the normal night light we use to a Christmas theme night light. It looks so pretty as a small halo of yellow light spread from behind the plastic santa to make it glow and almost float from the wall it is attached to.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Top Ten Favorite Pinoy Dessert

It's time to do the top ten again. I have a sweet tooth and these are some of the desserts i miss in Manila.... Till my next Manila sweets

1. Taho
2. Leche Flan
3. Halo Halo
4. Bico
5. Buko Pandan
6. Sorbetes Ice Cream
7. Fried Banana
8. Gulaman at Sago
9. Suman
10. Bibingka


I forgot to blog about this...

Since coming to Canada, I haven't had Kimi checked up except for the immigration checkup that is required for the completion of her sponsorship.

K and I decided that it is time to update Kimi's medical chart here as well. We opted to go to Dr. Princeton Lim for her checkup as well since he already knows the background of what we are doing here. I ask regarding their immune shot as well which is very much advertised on the newspaper which was done every flu season for free for adults with babies at home. I, on the otherhand, am not getting a free shot since I am technically still a tourist. K endede up having to pay for his as well and Kimi ended up having three (3!) shots for that day.... Oooow!

In Manila, Checkups are once a month with 1 injection only while here in Canada, checkups are done every three months with 3 shots per visits... :( Poor Baby.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Home Alone...

not exactly alone... of course, Kimi is with me so I am not completely alone but since Mom in law started working for half the week I get more chance to be alone in this house with father in law and Kimi.

Today, both of them went for a scheduled hospital visit while K went to work as usual. I started brwosing my laptop for things to backup because it is about to be shipped out for the 2nd time for a checkup. (Sigh* back to the workstation again with a borrowed laptop hehe!). I am in the Christmas mood today so I played "Auld lang syne" from the Sex and the City movie over and over again while I do my work. I am preparing Christmas love package to send home to my family (and friends) in Manila... Oh how i miss them all...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Jumpstart Music and Movement

This weekend we did a trial at Jumpstart....still in Coquitlam. We were fully equipped this time with a camcorder and a fully charged camera for the class. Much to my disappointment, the room doesn't have all those colorful toys and play area that gymboree had. The class itself was really good though with the teacher's clear, beautiful voice resonating the room. The class teaches dancing, playing with insturment, sign language and they even had a nap/resting time.

Jump Start Music & Movement
Contact :
(604) 777-7179 (604) 777-7189 Fax
Address :
98 Brigantine Dr Coquitlam, BC , V3K6Z6

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holidays in Canada

November 11, 2008- A Day Of Remembrance here in Canada. Sort of like the National Heroes Day in the Philippines. I am getting acquainted with holidays in Canada and I can't help finding what it is equal to in Manila Holidays. It seems that they have a holiday in Canada at least once each month. I am not complaining if that would mean having Karl home for an additional day.

Elections in Canada is different in Manila. They still have regular work here, unlike in Manila where they don't have work for the day of the election.

The next holiday I am getting excited about. Christmas. I wonder how they spend Christmas here in Canada. I love all the decorations being available in each stores. They have different decors to offer per store unlike in Manila, wherein they seem to look alike from one store to the next. It's like there is just one or two supplier for the whole Philippines. I love the variety of the decorations, even the supermarkets have great decor selections... Hmmm, time to fish out some budget for the decorations here for our first Christmas...

And for my personal event in our household, Our little baby girl is finally turning 1 on December 4th. Sorry, can't resist adding this last bit :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Goodbye for now

I was sad to see my HP go despite the disappointments I experienced with her. (sigh*). I finally had her shipped to HP for a checkup and hopefully for replacement of parts which they admitted are really a problem with my HP Model so I got a free shipping and diagnostics even if it's over my warranty. Till she is finally well...

Monday, November 10, 2008

More Memories to capture...

I love taking pictures of Karl and Kimi. They look so good together. You can feel the love between them everytime they are together. Kimi loves raining K with kisses in bed or even while watching TV and it never fails to make me smile to see how K shows Kimi just how much he loves her back.


Before coming to Canada, I was dreading the part wherein I have to take care of Kimi 24/7 but Thank God my in laws helps a lot and having K do more than his share of taking care of Kimi, I have a lot of time in my hands to do my thing. He is such a great dad and I don't think I'll find a better one anywhere...

As for me, he is the best hubby I can probably wish for. God really answered my prayer when I asked him to find the perfect one for me. He loves me but he also loves my family and for that I love him more.

For his birthday, I asked him several times what he wants... He just says: Nothing, I am happy na... But i decided to give him his own camcorder which I'm sure will end up me being the videographer and Kimi and him being in almost every frame....

To more wonderful memories. Happy Birthday hubby. I love you soooooo much.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Birthday Flowers

It's a flower and it's for me...

...But No, it's not my birthday. That's why I was so surprised to get a flower when Karl was the one with the upcoming birthday to celebrate. It turns out that people at work asked him what he prefers for his birthday: A bouquet or a gift card for himself.

And my sweet hubby decided to get the flower...for his wife, as he outs it... Aaaaww

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Countdown till Christmas

Excited for Christmas.... it's soooo soon
I put out Kimi's Christmas Manger in time for the upcoming Christmas Season

Little People Manger from Uncle Eric

Friday, November 07, 2008

Free Trial @ Gymboree

Despite my disappontment for the class at Eastburn Community that was cancelled. I decided to do free trials of other centers for comparison.

My first trial? Gymboree at Coquitlam area. It was the nearest one from our place but still quite far especially considering that winter time is fast approaching. Uh-oh! Kimi did enjoy the free class but unfortunately, the schedule is not a good one for us. I am hoping for one that wouldn't require for me and Kimi to commute.



5-2773 Barnet HighwayCoquitlam,
BC V3B 1C2
Tel: (604) 945-4967

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Kimi the Pooh

This is the first year Kimi participated in a Halloween Trick or Treat. I had 2 costumes for her but Karl won and Kimi wore the Pooh costume for this year. It was really more convenient because since we will be carrying Kimi around for the trick or treating the wing for her fairy costume will be unpractical. Kimi looks so cute in her pooh costume. She was really comfortable with the costume since it is not too costume-y which I like since it can still be worn from time to time.


Kimi had a blast looking at all the kids running excitedly throughout Richmond Mall when trick or treat started. She earned quite a lot of compliments with her pooh costume and she even met a baby tigger trick and treating.

After the trick or treating, we went to Shi-art Chinese Restaurant for dinner.




Richmond Centre
6551 No 3 Road, Richmond

Kimi imitating duck

I didn't know how Kimi learned about making animal sounds but she makes this funny sound sometimes. I finally got in on tape :)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Laptop Woes...

Just when I was about to update my blog again.... My laptop went crashing and refused to give me more than just a BLANK screen.... Oh no! All my photos for Kimi's 11th months are not yet transferred to a dvd... but more than that, when will this laptop work again? Sheesh! I hate this model... I thought that the wireless not working last august was resolved when I bought an external wifi but I guess I was wrong... Now the wireless AND the monitor is not working. I searched the net and found out that this particular HP Pavillon Dv6000 really has a lot of unsatisfied user complaining about it.

I'm keeping my fingers cross for my laptop. HP agreed to send me a box and ship the item to them for a look at my laptop for FREE. For the meantime, I have to borrow available laptops to check everything online :(


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