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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Laptop Woes...

Just when I was about to update my blog again.... My laptop went crashing and refused to give me more than just a BLANK screen.... Oh no! All my photos for Kimi's 11th months are not yet transferred to a dvd... but more than that, when will this laptop work again? Sheesh! I hate this model... I thought that the wireless not working last august was resolved when I bought an external wifi but I guess I was wrong... Now the wireless AND the monitor is not working. I searched the net and found out that this particular HP Pavillon Dv6000 really has a lot of unsatisfied user complaining about it.

I'm keeping my fingers cross for my laptop. HP agreed to send me a box and ship the item to them for a look at my laptop for FREE. For the meantime, I have to borrow available laptops to check everything online :(

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