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Monday, November 24, 2008

A Small Reunion

After several months of waiting, a friend has finally came to Canada for a visit.

Vic and G...

I met G on Karl's birthday treat 4 years ago. Vic and G just started going out as a couple a few months back and we realized that our couple's anniversary was just a week apart. G was one of the people who led the organization of my surprise bridal shower. For our wedding, we chose Vic and G as our "Couple of the night" and they also got married a year after on the same month, a few weeks shy from our wedding anniversary. It is just a great timing that they are her on vacation on the day of our 2nd year wedding anniversary... It's like having a small reunion of our Wedding day 2 years ago.

Double Date :)
We had a Chinese dinner at Sun Sui Wah, Richmond. We had their famous dish, Pigeon with the Salted Fried Rice. I had a lot of fun catching up on news at home and made me miss Manila all the more. We said goodbye after dinner and promised to see each other a few more times before they go back home.

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