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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sweets for my Sweet

"The easiest way to a wife's heart is through her sweet tooth..."
I woke up this morning carrying Kimi searching for something sweet to start my day, I instinctively reached for the Malteaser inside our refrigerator and to my dismay, realized that there are only 3 small balls left. I put all three into my mouth and let them melt inside making a mental note to myself to get another batch of Malteaser in the nearby supermarket.

As I went towards the stairs to the main dining for Kimi’s playpen, I noticed a big bouquet of pink roses and a large tin can of Malteaser on our main door blocking the staircase…. As I read the card it says, Happy Anniversary- Love Karl. A wide smile crossed my face while I thought of a way as to how my ever-thoughtful hubby got all this inside the house without my noticing. I remember distinctly how I woke up with Kimi early that morning and ushered him out of the main door on his way to the office. It was when he finally got home that I learned how he used up his lunch break to buy and deliver the items before Kimi wakes up.
2 dozens pink roses and a big tin can of Malteasers

Kimi got to the sweets first...

Fully bloom by the next morning :)

Again, he is one step ahead of me. I was planning to go out this afternoon to buy him a gift but he surprised me instead. I have to think of a way to catch him off guard on a normal day maybe. It also makes me realize just how sweet he is and how I fell in love with him then... and more so now.

Happy Anniversary Bibi.


Anonymous said... sweet! Dapat ata pa session ko si Ver kay Karl about sweetness e :)
Pero bakit "Mel, Happy Anniv?" I mean ang formal naman ni Karl, pero sweet pa din!
Hay sarap ng Maltesers!!!!


meL said...

hon! tagal mo na di nagcomment kala ko di ka nakakabasa :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! :) Mel, this is so sweet! The roses are so beautiful!! :) Happy anniversary! :)

meL said...

hi sab!

yah it kept on opening after 3 days... It's better than when I first arranged it :)

mich said...

oh that's so sweet! belated happy anniversary!


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