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Monday, December 01, 2008

Memphis Blues

Almost every week, we meet up with K's relatives from his mother side. This week, is no exeption, we did meet up and I am happy to say that lunch was finally not "Asian" hehe! We had lunch at Memphis Blues, North Vancouver. It's quite a long ride just to eat a barbeque but it was a welcome change from the normal Kingsway st lunch that we usually end up with. Why? because this week we celebrated Anne's Birthday.

A large platter of different meats came out for us to pig out on (no pun intended!). Greasy, yet tasty fries as one of the appetizers. There's a whole platter of appetizers for you to choose from.

Corn bread, BBQ pit beans, slaw and choice of potato salad or fries

The Priscilla
Even MORE meat than the Elvis; plus oysters, shrimp and catfish. Feeds approximately 10-12 people.

The Menu

This is definitely a Meat lover's Paradise...

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