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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Art of Dishwasher Arrangement

Coming from Manila, it is easy to forget that there is such a thing as a "dishwasher", unless it is a person who does them which we call "helper". Up until now, using the dishwasher at home is so scarce that we can count it in both hands just how many times it was operated. We have officially decided to make use of it atleast once a week, preferably on Mondays just so we can make use of it before it is out of warranty.

With scheduling out of the way, I realized that arranging the items inside the washer requires me to look at the instruction manual as well. I didn't know that there is a way on how to arrange the items inside with places for glass, small plates, bug plates and bowl as well as pots and pans... Oh well... It also takes time to arrange those plates the first time and I mentally calculated that I would have washed all those dishes by the time I read the instruction and finish arranging them inside the machine. Ha Ha! More practice!!!


mich said...

i wish we had a dishwasher, sure would make washing dishes easier. the one we have now is not working properly and at the place were transferring to, walang dishwasher... well sanay na naman maghugas ng pinggan hehe. good thing there's only 3 of us di ba.

meL said...

haha! oo nga eh less is MORE convenient :)


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