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Monday, February 23, 2009

A day at the Farm

A great day to have an animal adventure...

It was our 2nd time at Maplewood Farm, I am more excited this time because Kimi can finally walk and explore on her own and not strapped onto her stroller like before...

Our favorite was going inside the goat pen. There were more goats this time than the last time we visited. The number of them almost doubled from what I've seen before. There were even small goats that stood as high as little Kimi... Kimi was looking at the animals, a little bit scared of when they mov. The goat moved towards her and Kimi backs up little by little into mommy's legs to seek protection... he he he!

There were cute chickens roaming freely outside the cages and both Sophie and Kimi watched with fascination as they peck on the soil for their food.

At the Rabbit area, Kimi looked at the little furry rabbits with both hands on our pants as if to keep us from going off without her. She didn't dare touch the rabbit... maybe for fear what the harmless rabbit might do to her little fingers :)

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