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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Shopaholic: Seperated at birth?

Saturday movie date night @ Silvercity, Metrotown was jam packed with young and olds who fell in line to relax and watch a movie. Being there at 7pm, we have only 5 minutes to spare before the beginning of our movie. We looked at the zigzag line that seems to have no end with a grimace and realized that there was no way we could catch the start of the movie if we buy our line the old fashioned way. It was a good thing that there was a fast lane machine wherein you can purchase ticket with the use of a credit card (whew!)

After purchasing the ticket and the popcorn through the machine. We have to go through another line, the bar, wherein we also have fall in line like the rest of the guys who are paying to buy some treats (I thought there was a claiming lane for food!). We decided to go in and find ourselves some seats and K would go out and claim the food after I am settled down. It was a close call because we got the last 2 seats that were together. There were a couple of scattered single seats which I thankfully don't have to make use of. :)

The movie, Confession of a Shopaholic, was based on a book by SophieKinsella. There were a lot of difference between the movie and the book. As for the character, I couldn't help but notice the similiarity between Isla Fisher, the one who played Becky and a local ex-actress in Manila who goes by the name of Cristina Gonzales... the movie was so-so for me.


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