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Thursday, March 12, 2009

After the PR Confirmation...what's next?

After getting the PR confirmation. The things that are yet to be done seems longer than when I was just waiting for the PR letter.
During the start of the appearance for the confirmation of PR Card, we were informed that the first thing we should do once we get home was to xerox several copies of our confirmation and keep the original one at a safe place, this piece of paper will be important for official stuffs even if we did get our PR card or even become a citizen a few years after.

# 1 Their tip was to do our
Health Care Card first.
So I googled for a form and instruction on what to do to obtain this since I have learned firsthand just how expensive medical checkups here (FYI: I was pregnant with Kimi when I last came to Canada and had no care card, I had to pay CA$60+ for every normal checkup... and even now, for Kimi's checkup).
To Apply

What I included was the copy of both our confirmation of PR Card and a copy of my husband's health card.

#2 The SIN Card

I am currently at this stage of my list. I am hoping to get this done so I can have a shot at checking out what kind of work is waiting out here for me. I am hoping that I can get a good job without any Canadian education and if not, I am willing to take short courses before I go home so I can explore the working opportunities with an added oomph to my resume when I come back at 2010...

#3 Driver's License

I am a bit scared at taking the knowledge test and the road test. Eventhough I was already driving back home in Manila. I am not that confident with my parking and doesn't know the first thing about driving an automatic car. I am currently browsing through the "Roadsense for driver" which is basically the thing to read to pass the knowledge test... There is also a practice test at the ICBC site. 80% is the passing mark for the knowledge test.

#4 Updating CCTB Application

I know that CCTB (Child Care Tax Benefit) application should be done when the applicant is a PR card holder or a citizen. In our case, my husband was the applicant, which the call center from CCTB assured was fine so that I can have the application sent in early because they can only back pay for 11 months. I was hoping that they would be able to process them while we wait for our sponsorship application to be done. Now that we did have a confirmation, I have to call and give them the new status of our application and hope that these new development of our resident status would speed up or at least help us in not delaying the payment for the CCTB.

... that's the important ones, plus more small stuffs to do and with all the daily tasks required to be done in a world without nannys... this would take forever to get done (he! he!)


Wanda said...

First of all, congrats finally PR na kayo!

Super agree ako with the medical expenses here in Canada. You need to have a health card and insurance otherwise you'll end up paying big big big bucks!

Re driving license, i suggest you go through driving class. Mabilis lang yun written test. Then you'll having road lessons naman before taking the road exam. Iba yun rules kasi dito at magstrict sila sa test. But you'll be fine as long as you follow the rules. No problem daw sa parking. Doesn't have to be perfect basta importante lang follow the rules. :)

frustratedworker said...

hmmm... alam mo ano next? another kimi! whahaha :P boy naman :P

MJ Tam said...

Just blog-hopping and found yours. Cute baby!

meL said...

thanks wands... :) oo nga eh I am planning to take driving class kasi iba pa idn rules dito :)

thanks jase! n thanks mj tam


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