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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Downtown Date...

A date in the afternoon with just Sab :)... No Babies to worry about for the whole afternoon.... Whew!

First off, we decided to have lunch at Milestone Grill Bar. The interior of the restaurant was cozy with lots of different textures applied to the walls. The steps from the ground bar to the 2nd floor dining area was textured ceramic tiles. The chairs for the dining area was of different styles creating an eclectic look. We chose a grill with the intention of veering away from the Italian dish we just had a few nights ago but ended up having pasta and strawberry lemonade for drinks.


After the wonderful meal swapping stories and just enjoying each others company, Sab decided to have sweets at Cafe Crepe. She was able to lure me into the little cafe to eat a whole crepe with a full stomach...Talk about persuasion!!... and the wonderful aroma of the crepes being cooked... I was defenseless and ended up 2x full at the start of our date. Sab has a reason of being pregnant to eat more, while I, had none... :(

Strawberry Nutella for Sab and Little Ang
Banana Nutella for MeL n MeL

Enough (food) is Enough! Or perhaps time was finally running out. We have to rush to the theatre at Tinseltown Mall for the 4pm showing of the movie, "He's just not that into you...". We went into the movie with a full stomach and after 2 hours went our still half full... :)


... Till the next date!

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