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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Income Tax Angels

This year, I was given the task to do Kelvin's income taxt for the first time. I learned that instead of just making one income tax, I had to make one fro myself as well. I decided to pore over the guide book for income tax that comes with the form but after a few minutes of speed reading, I was way more confused than when I started it. There were so many forms and I didn't know which form to start with. Mine was easier though with no income and benefits to report, I had a grand time putting "0" almost all throughout the form...

Kelvin's income tax was a different matter, there were T4 and T5 to consider. US investments that need to be computed to Canadian equivalence and an additional baby to add to the computation for refund.

It was a good thing that Canada came up with a program as Income tax volunteer at the community centers all throughout Vancouver... It was a huge weight off my shoulder. I don't have to worry if I did it right because the volunteers are all trained and under supervision so mistakes are probably kept to the most minimum. The best part? I don't have to pay a lot to get it done. They accept donations of any amount. I soooo love this particular program. Keep it up!

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