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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pittsburg Stop

It was a full day for Sab and me. She had a sccheduled appointment with Dr. Ross which I went to with her then after a long wait, Dr. ross suddeny had to rush out for a delivery... sheesh! It was finally our turn when the call came through for her to go to the hospital for her patient... We were asked to have lunch and come back after an hour.

We were both famished and went for the nearest restaurant... our choice? The Pittsburg Restaurant along Kingsway caught our eyes with all the pasta pictures on their menu which was plastered on the glass front. We hurriedly went for aseat and to our utter delight, they also serve HORLICKS which we were craving for that day....

HORLICK... It was good until the ice diluted
the flavor got lost along with the melted ice :(

I was happy with my pasta...
maybe because I was sooo hungry at this point.
Kimi seems to enjoy the pasta as well

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for our next lunch date/getaway... It keeps us sane. :)


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