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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Good Food, Great Companies

It was supposed to be held out in the open at Spanisk Bank, we were asked to bring mats for each group just so we have somewhere to sit on and there were volleyballs, badmintons and outdoor sport items being bought to make it more fun but then the weather had to intervene and it is no use challenging the weather so it was finally settled, it would be a potluck lunch at Lions Park clubhouse.

With each guests carrying an armful of their food contribution, the long table was soon filled up with various lunch treat from the salad to the dessert. The drinks were numerous from water, to softdrinks to juices. The pastas: Lasagna and Filipino style spaghetti. What I enjoyed the most were meeting all those people who also came from Manila. They make me feel right at ease within 5 minutes of meeting everyone.

I am so glad that Sab invited us to join her and her friends to this potluck lunch....To more friends... CHEERS!

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