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Monday, May 04, 2009


I am not much of a writer and I don't think that words would express the love I felt for both of my brothers. Eric, the brother next to me is someone that's always there from the moment that I learned to think. He was there every step of my childhood. He saw me grew up from the shy girl to the mother that I am right now.

JUNE 12, 2006

What I regret is that we had to go our separate ways after I got married. He has to follow his dream and work in Europe, while I try to raise a home in Canada. My parents and youngest brother continued life in Manila.

MAY 14, 2006

I miss those simple times wherein we just see each other after work and school. Those carefree days of just getting through the school year and thinking where to spend our vacation.

NOVEMBER 26, 2006

I Thank God for giving you as my brother. I would like to tell you that you made me oh so proud of the achievements that you have accomplish and how you grew from someone who would just follow me around to someone who is his own man. I sure miss you a lot though and wish that sometimes you were just there within arms reach but I am glad that you are making a life on your own.

Just remember that I am always here for you... your atchie, I'm still the same girl I was before and you can always count me anytime and anywhere...

DECEMBER 24, 2006

I love you so much....hug* MISS YOU and have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

JANUARY 01, 2007 more memories...

1 comment:

Eric O said...

so touching...
swak na sana lahat eh.
kaso mali ka naman sa first paragraph. si ken ken ang katabi mo eh...

but kidding aside.... Thanks for everything and i miss u all also.


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