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Friday, May 22, 2009

Help me remember...

A scrap-pageI did on the Mother's Day we spent at Swiss chalet.

The feeling of being overwhelmed with all the chores and sadness has been flooding me more and more lately. With the shifts in work that makes K and I eat dinner just a few days a week...together. I miss the simple joys of being... well, "together", for a simple dinner and just spending time talking while eating. Then lunch is no different, I eat lunch with Kimi a lot of days in a week and it doesn't help that I can't have a conversation with her as well...

I miss my family in Manila and the eating at the dinner table. I wish I am back home.... Sigh*

It doesn't help that Kimi can sometimes be difficult... :( so Lord, Help me Remember...

Help Me Remember

Lord, help me remember, when I feel It's a chore,
the time will come when I'll hold her no more
asleep on my chest (the crib refused,
the blanket, the pacifier, gone unused).
What better place is there to lay her head
than against my heart, my arms her bed?
For infants grow up and leave us behind
with only memories left to remind
us of midnight walking and predawn rocking,
of soft, helpless babies unable to sleep.
So, Lord, make me patient and keep me awake
while I cradle this child, and don't let me take
for granted the moments I spend in the night
with this baby--Your gift, my joy, my delight.

by Jan Dunlap


Anonymous said...

Mel...*HUGS* I know it gets crazy at times. But as long as I'm up here and you're down there, we one another to keep each other sane. Love ya! :)

meL said...

Thanks sab, u also keep me sane. Don't know what I will do without u


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