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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Leche Flan Trial 1

I finally just had to have my sweets... and one of my most favorite dessert is my mom's leche flan. It is not just the taste but also the good memories that comes with eating the dessert when I was young. We always have mom's leche flan on the moset joyous occassions and when I taste one of her leche flans. I just feel.... HAPPY :)

Maybe being in Canada for a long time with my parents and brother far away from me makes me a little bit more sentimental than ever but I just had to try my hand at making this sweet treat... So armed with a custard pan and my mom's texted instruction, I began to work on my dessert.

It was a long process but before I got it ready for steaming I couldn't help but take a spoonsful of the mix to taste if it does taste familiar. To my utter delight, it really did. It was just unfortunate that it was a little too soft in the center on my first attempt but I finally know what I did wront and I sure will make another one till I get this perfected.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! :)


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